Our Services

Below are a full range of maritime services for ship owners, operators, traders and charterers offered by Gespros. For more information click on the links below and don’t hesitate to get in touch with us for any inquiry through our phone numbers and email addresses provided on the website.


Appointing the right agent to manage vessel and crew requirements can help ensure a smooth event-free port call… Read More


Choosing the best transport solution in Cameroon is especially important as it remains a complex country to operate in and it’s essential to have an agent with local expertise and experience…      Read More

Landside services


The company supports the business engagement with potential tenants to develop bespoke solutions aimed at delivering client requirements designed to meet specific needs and expectations… Read More


There are more than 6,000 ships all over the globe, mostly containerships*, operating in liner services with most built since 1980. Liner ships have the capacity to carry several warehouses-worth of goods, which makes one journey very efficient… Read More


Our clients, both charterers and consignees,  appoint Gespros to handle their shipments on arrival in Douala port… Read More


Gespros’ expertise, combined with access to stevedoring gangs, launches, tugboats, trucks, trailers and forklifts, means that we are well placed to meet the requirements of vessels calling at Douala port… Read More


With a rise in the activities of gas, oil and mining in Africa, for a long time now, Gespros with it’s stakeholders in project cargo, heavy lift, semi-submersible and break bulk sectors has carried out a number of projects giving us enough experience on how to handle breakbulk and project cargo with little or no risk… Read More


Our company has all the possibilities and necessary equipment’s to handle your tramp operations… Read More

Hub Agency

Gespros has a very good relationship with other prominent agents both in Cameroon and the world at large, who share very high standards and are very dependent and committed to making sure our customers get the best at their disposal… Read More


Our company uses a crude oil and refined product tanker fleet through a classified system to standardize contract terms, establish shipping costs and determine the ability of ships to travel into our port… Read More

Offshore / Energy

Our company has all the possibilities and necessary equipment’s to handle your tramp operations… Read More


Since 2012, Gespros has been a great supporter of roro operations in Cameroon and Africa at large. The company due to existence in the sector operation can now boast to be in pocesssion of Pure Car Carrier (PCC),Pure Car Truck Carrier (PCTC) and Conro vessels amongst our regular principals throughout the region… Read More

Crew Change Services

The company provides a well secured and safe service in its various regions of operation. follow the link for more information… Read More


With development reaching every part of Africa, cruise lining is gradually becoming a popular destination for most Africans offering a niche itinerary on the African continent. Gespros offers the following under cruise lines… Read More


For a very long time now, Gespros and his fellow agents have been providing services to warships from Cameroon and the globe at large…
Read More

Owners’ Protective Agency (OPA)

Most vessel owners tent to get in contact with agents they are very familiar and confident about to handle their projects since they are very confident about the relationship that exist between them and trust them enough to supervise or oversee the charterers’ agent and monitor port call operations with the owner’s interests uppermost… Read More

Delivery of Ships Spares

Clearing ship spares immediately they arrive is of great importance which is clearly understood by  the Gespros. As shipping agents and logistics specialists, at Gespros we understand the importance of timely delivery… Read More

Vessel Security

Our specialty is in providing maritime security services for commercial shipping vessels, superyachts and cruise liners transiting the high-risk areas of the Cameroon sea port and the west African coast… Read More

Oil & Gas

Safety and efficiency are enormous concerns in the transportation of oil and gas. At Gesprosgroup, our expert teams develop integrated, multimodal transportation concepts designed specifically for the complexities of your industry. With several years of experience in the transportation of oil and gas, we can ensure your cargo is handled with the utmost care and quality service… Read More