Gespros has a very good relationship with other prominent agents both in Cameroon and the west African coast as a whole, who share very high standards and are very dependent and committed to making sure our customers get the best at their disposal.

Gespros is a pioneer of the global hub agency concept, developing it in response to calls for a one world, one agent approach to shipping. Since 2012, we have been helping our customers make the most of our hub agency service.

The entire port call management process is simplified, focusing on saving time and money. We offer a single 24/7 contact point for financial and accounting matters, and utilise our agency capabilities to offer top-down control of cost and service levels.

Say goodbye to time-consuming routine tasks to focus on revenue generation, by entrusting the checking and validation of your port disbursement accounts to us. Global Hub Services act as your advocate for tighter cost control, with our experienced operations managers actively negotiating proforma and disbursement accounts on your behalf.

You can take advantage of this service without making any changes to your existing agency list. It’s offered on a neutral basis. Regardless of who is handling the port call – your own agent, one nominated by charterers, or GAC – we check your disbursement accounts with the same meticulous attention to detail.

Key features

  • Vetted, monitored and established port agency network.
  • Port disbursement account (D/A) checking, negotiation and validation.
  • Online access to live and archived Port D/A data, SOF and cargo details.
  • Immediate statistics/KPI reporting.
  • Centralized accounting/billing.
  • Controlling bank transfer and currency exchange rate charges.
  • Coordinate, process and capture port call data web-based GACship.

Drawing on the Group’s global network, experience and expertise, our hub agency and D/A management services deliver convenience, speed, operational efficiencies and sound financial returns for every voyage.