For those who missed the news, January 21, 2019, marked the first official date of operation for the Autonomous Port of Kribi (PAK). The multipurpose terminal is currently managed by Kribi Polyvalent Multiple Operators (KPMO), the Cameroonian consortium, but will be up for repossession in 2021.


Last Monday, the port received its first commercial vessel. Hailing from China, this vessel unloaded 3,111 pipelines to be used for the Potable Water Supply Project in the city of Yaoundé from the Sanaga River (PAEPYS). Additionally, projections claim that, if effectively organized and operated, the port will be able to handle 1,200 tons of material a day – about 400,000 tons per year.


These performance measures support the claim from PAK officials that asserts the opening of the multipurpose terminal revives the attractiveness of this port, which ultimately is a major project of economic transformation of Cameroon: “We can now say that the PAK is a reference port for logistics operations to Cameroon and the subregion,” said the South II Customs sector chief, Norbert Belinga.



As it stands, Gesprosgroup has been participating at the clearance and the transport Ship to Yard of this entire vessel. This has demonstrated its ability to work in a new environment and underpressure 24hours a day.


Much like many other observers of the PAK, Gesprosgroup is really excited about where the future of the port might take the freight forwarding sector and Cameroon as a whole. With a new network of imports and exports, Gesprosgroup can expect a more fluid flow of goods and equipment through our country and our businesses. For all of these reasons, Gesprosgroup supports the adoption and development of the Autonomous Port of Kribi.


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