Every business is given the choice of three different transportation options for their products—road, sea, and air. Each has its own advantages and disadvantages. While air travel is by far the quickest, it’s also the most expensive and not suitable for bulk shipments. In the same vein, ship freight is a great option as far as price goes. However, ships take much longer to fulfill an order, which might not be helpful when time is an essential factor.

This is where road freight comes in as the best of both worlds. It’s an excellent option to balance between speed and cost, particularly when you are coordinating logistics to places far from the ocean or airports. Here we’ll discuss the types of situations that are best suited for road freight.


If you are shipping domestically, this is when it makes the most sense to use road transportation to ship. For most countries, it just doesn’t make sense to send things by boat unless you are going from port to port. For inland distribution, it is essential to use road freight to get your products where they need to go. You also have options when it comes to domestic road freight.


Oftentimes, companies do not need an entire truck container to ship the products. So to maximize efficiency, you can utilize less-than-container (LCL) road freight service to take your shipment and consolidate it with other LCL shipments. All goods are separated by pallets, which are then taken to their respective destinations. This service minimizes costs while ensuring the safety of your products.


For larger shipments, you may want to take advantage of full container load shipping (FCL). In this case, the freight service is only transporting your business’s products. As a result, you have much-improved supply chain logistics, meaning you can easily track your own product, carry more cargo, and have a shorter overall transport time.


Road freight is also an excellent option if you are shipping between landlocked countries or across a continent. This is most often the case when companies need to ship products across Europe. With the benefit of EU status, you don’t have to worry about customs check-ins between countries. This means you can easily move between cities, taking advantage of highway systems. This is much quicker than shipping by sea.

For most businesses, sea transport makes the most sense only when shipping between continents like from Asia to North America or North America to Europe. For the most part, it’s better to ship things by road, particularly when it comes to finished products that are ready for retail.


Finding the best logistics is the key factor for competitive businesses in today’s highly globalized economy. Ultimately, you’ll often need to use a combination of multiple types of shipping when shipping globally. So, the most important factor is working with a skilled and experienced logistics team.

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