Simplest ways to improve logistics for your company

Well-functioning logistics is the backbone of every manufacturing company. However, anyone who works in logistics knows that things can go haywire quickly. The problem is often due to the existing processes. Your logistics manager has a solid emergency plan, but that doesn’t make it less stressful. For this reason, we have compiled a list of five tips that could help your company improve its logistics processes.

Our most important tips for improving logistics processes:

1. Avoid paper chaos

Process documentation is a necessary evil, but it also wastes a lot of time that could be invested more efficiently. It becomes even more difficult if documents are misplaced or lost. So how can you most securely manage your most important documents? Go paperless and find digital alternatives. Imagine how easy it would be to hand over the daily administrative tasks to your personal digital logistics assistant.

2. We always did that.

You should be aware of this sentence. The logistics and transport industry is considered to be one of the oldest industries and therefore also brings with it many traditional ways of working. With the rapid development of business and technology in today’s world, however, you should regularly question outdated processes. This is the only way to ensure that you stay on top of the times and that your service level permanently meets the ever-increasing expectations of your customers.

3. Give yourself more time

Time is probably the most valuable resource we have. Poor time management can lead to delays in transportation or unexpected storage costs.In the administrative area of ​​logistics in particular, it is often possible to find ways to optimize time-consuming activities. In this way, you give yourself and your employees more time to concentrate on your core tasks. Define key performance indicators and use them to track productivity. Forward-looking planning ensures better warehouse and sales efficiency.

4. Automate manual processes

Multitasking plays a crucial role, especially in logistics. Use real-time technology and take the guesswork out of your planning. Digitization is no longer a trend, but a real solution that will simplify your daily workflow. Many tasks that are still carried out manually today can now be automated and thus significantly accelerated. This includes a wide range of responsibilities such as collective bargaining, price comparisons, processing documents, or telephoning with customers. A digital logistics solution can automate many of these processes.

5. Listen to your employees

Sometimes making important decisions isn’t easy. You want someone to help you with that. Who could do this better than the employees who run your logistics every day? Whether forklift driver, warehouse logistician or truck driver, collect information from employees and learn from their experience. This gives you a holistic view of what needs to be improved. In the long run, feedback is the best tool for constant learning. Use it!

In short, the thing of technology is to update forever. The Digital revolution has changed everything about the way things operate around the world. Here, senders and freight forwarders are brought together on an online marketplace. Senders can submit transport requests and receive offers from freight forwarders within a few minutes. Shipment status and transport documents can be viewed online by both sides at any time.